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Exhibition of Works and Innovation Products in Commemoration of the 58th Anniversary of ITB

Exhibition of Works and Innovation Products in Commemoration of the 58th Anniversary of ITB

Exhibition of Works and Innovation Products in Commemoration of the 58th Anniversary of ITB

Bandung Institute of Technology, in order to commemorate the 58th ITB Anniversary, held an Exhibition of Works and Innovation Products, located in the West Hall of the ITB Campus on Sunday, March 5, 2017. In this exhibition, ITB displayed 37 booths consisting of 12 Faculty/Faculty booths. Schools, 8 central booths, 3 booths for the Center for Excellence in Science and Technology, 7 booths for the Research Center, plus 7 booths for LPIK, LPPM, and BPUDL.

A total of 12 Faculties/Schools display several research products from Faculty/School lecturers, including:

  1. GMSTech (Ganesha MicroSeismic Technology) which is an innovation in software development and activity monitoring system microearthqauke (MEQ) (Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering)

  2. High Quality Laminated Veneer Lumber Jabon Wood through the Addition of Surian Bark Nano Filler to Improve Bonding Performance (School of Biological Sciences and Technology


  3. Painting on silk by John Martono (Faculty of Fine Arts and Design)
  4. Manufacture of Activated Nanocarbons for Supercapacitors from Palm Oil Waste (Faculty of Industrial Technology)
  5. First Article Simulator Cannon (School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering)
  6. Investigating Indonesian Traditional House Wind-Style Ventilation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development)</ p>

A total of 7 Research Centers, displaying some of the superior research products of the researchers, including:

  1. Portable City Waste Processing Equipment into Fuel with 1.5 Liter Capacity (New and Renewable Energy Research Center)

  2. A Integrated and Sustainable Megacity Governance Model in Indonesia (Infrastructure and Regional Research Center)
  3. Geopore, porous road (Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research)
  4. Diversification of Bamboo Furniture Designs Through Pegs Techniques as Household Interior Elements (Center for Research on Cultural and Environmental Products)

  5. Development of Vidyanusa E-learning Framework to Support Effective, Efficient, High-Capacity and Fun National Education (Information and Communication Technology Research Center)</p >

  6. Update of Indonesia Earthquake Hazard and Source Map (Disaster Mitigation Research Center)
  7. Transformation of genes encoding Aldh1 and Bdr2, key enzymes for biosynthesis of antimalarial drugs Artemisinin in yeast cells of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Center for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research

A total of 4 Science and Technology Excellence Centers (PUI), featuring:

    1. 4G Small Cell LTE, a telecommunications device in the form of small cell, is used as an extension of macro cell BTS ( Center of Excellence in Science and Technology Broadband Wireless Access)

    2. Development of Photocatalyst Nano-Based Textile Wastewater Treatment Reactor with the Assistance of Sunlight (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Center)

  1. Fault Tolerant Autopilot and Avionnics with Redundancy, an autopilot system that utilizes hardware redundancy with a hybrid method (Triple Modular Redundancy with a spare) (Center for Excellence in Defense and Security Technology Science< /em>)

  2. Integrated and Sustainable Transportation System (Center of Excellence in Science and Technology Sustainable Transportation Technology)

A total of 14 of the 22 Centers in ITB (3 of them are PUI), featuring:

  1. Uniaxial Seismic Energy Dissipater – Used (Industrial Engineering Center)
  2. Adaptation of Capture Fisheries to Climate Change and Climate Variability in the Southern Coastal Area of ​​Java Island Based on Risk Awareness (Climate Change Center)

  3. Website Based Hydroponic Fertilizer Monitoring And Control System For Hydroponic Gardens (Instrumentation and Automation Technology Center)
  4. Photonic Batik Machine, an innovation to replace the role of the sun in the batik coloring process (Open Source Software Utilization Center)

  5. Design and Testing of A Low-Cost Microcontroller Based Landslide Sensor For Early Detection Of Landslides In Indonesia (Rural Empowerment Center)

  6. Application of Pilot Scale Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (Uasb) Up-Flow Technology to Reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (Cod) And Color In Real Textile Wastewater (Center for Environmental Studies< /em>)

  7. Applying Marine Spatial Planning In Lesser Sunda Ecoregion Indonesia (Center for Public Policy and Government)

In addition, several research results are displayed at the booth of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) and the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development > (LPIK) including:

  1. Test and Preparation of Endoskeletal Upper Knee Prototype Prototype Towards Technology Readiness Level 7 (LPIK)
  2. Design Next Generation Traffic Light Revolution System Towards Technology Readiness Level 7 (LPIK)
  3. Empty Oil Palm Fruit Bunch Hydrolysis Process Engineering for Green Xylitol (LPPM) Production
  4. Complaint Management System (LPPM)