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Invitation to International Cooperation Research Results Seminar

Invitation to International Cooperation Research Results Seminar

To the researchers who are recipients of the Grant Program for Foreign Cooperation and International Publications, it is hereby informed that in the context of accountability for the implementation of research in universities, for International Cooperation research for the 2009 fiscal year which has been completed carrying out their research must present the final results of their research at the International Cooperation Research Results Seminar.


In connection with the above, we request your willingness to attend the seminar mentioned above with the following requirements:


  1. Fill out the attached confirmation form and send it to LPPM no later than 26 August 2010 via fax to 022-2504010.
  2. Completed international collaborative research contract for the 2009 fiscal year
  3. Fully willing to participate in activities during the seminar.
  4. Bring 2 copies of the research report
  5. Bring presentation materials in soft copy
  6. Bringing a 70cmx70cm research poster

The place and time of the seminar will be notified after information is received from DP2M DIKTI.

Invitation List: List-seminar-internasional

Availability Form: form-confirmation-kediaan